DEFINE and Shine

With the recent Tidbits Treat special, we encourage clients to truly “dive in” and take as many classes as you can within 30 days. The timing for summer couldn’t be more perfect, and we are really confident with what our program stands for: DEFINE is all about helping you evolve on your health journey in order to look and feel your absolute best. DEFINE and Shine with us and glow from the inside out.

I started DEFINE 7 years ago with one goal: I want to educate our clients on how they can look and feel their best for the rest of their lives. DEFINE is more than a workout studio. It is a community with an atmosphere that fosters balance and results.

Now that DEFINE is approaching 7 years of being Houston’s premier boutique fitness studio, our goals are still the exact same, yet we are offering even more amazing ways to help clients become their absolute best.

With the launch of our newest class, DEFINE bounce, it has been inspiring to witness the many people who have been with us for now almost 7 years, evolve from 20 year olds fresh out of college to now young 30 year olds who are either married, have children, executives at their organizations. So much happens in 7 years, and it is inspiring to see so many wonderful people continue their journey to better health and wellness.

With the launch of the various classes we have created, we get to see people go from their favorite class to perhaps a new “obsession” frequently. We want to always offer a variety of classes because it is important for us to continue to create variety, not just because variety adds a certain element of spice, but because our bodies need the variety in order for us to continue evolving. Whether you are taking DEFINE body, DEFINE revolution, or our newest class DEFINE bounce, our classes will forever evolve.

The one constant is this: You must do strength, cardio, and flexibility to be at your best. With that said, each person has their own balance of these three elements of strength, flexibility, and cardio, so figuring out your balance is something all of us at DEFINE are here to help you discover.

Cardio, although effective at keeping you heart strong, doesn’t always play into helping keep other major muscles in your body strong, for example your core. We want to stay strong and long because let’s face it, our bodies don’t do that by themselves. Our natural tendency is to become tight and constricted over time in our muscles and joints while losing bone density and muscle. If you are doing muscle strengthening and improving your flexibility, your body becomes a well preserved vessel that will handle the stress of time in a beautiful way.

If you are looking to get the MOST out of your DEFINE experience, check out DEFINE three times per week or more! Our clients experience results in the first 30 days when they are taking all of our classes.

DEFINE is a lifestyle brand and we are a program. We used to be a two class studio, but now we are offering more than 8 different styles of classes and programs. We will forever be innovative on how we can help our clients reach their goals, and we will forever have classes that you can rely on as a way to help you achieve sustainable health and happiness!

So go out there and be the best business leader, artistic director, marketing wizard, time-manager, mother, father, grandparent, community leader you can be. Come take at least 3 classes each week, and notice the immersion of the incredible you that exists!

With so much love it is hard to contain,