This month we are sharing and celebrating goals we’ve accomplished! Here are a few of our teams stories and how DEFINE was there along the way!  Have YOU met your goals? Share with us at or on instagram @definebody, #WEDIDIT


“DEFINE has helped me accomplish a strong body and mind so I can be a healthy Mom!” -DEFINE experience expert,Danielle Rolfes


DEFINE has helped me take much better care of my body in the way that I warm-up before a show. I have so much more control of my body in my dancing, and it helps me stay in shape when we have down time during the performance season. DEFINE promotes balance as one of its core values, and without valuing balance in my life, I wouldn’t be able to juggle teaching my weekly classes, dancing with Urban Souls, and teaching Dance in a PK-8 school Full-Time. – DEFINE instructor, Marlene Watts


Achieve physical and mental strength, pre and post pregnancy.  Each class at DEFINE challenges me to become stronger, and leaves me more energized for my little ones. – DEFINE senior instructor, Lori Bertrand


“I ran my first half marathon!  DEFINE has given me endurance, strength, flexibility, and most importantly has taught me how to breathe while exercising. My body is forever grateful that I walked into a DEFINE for the first time 3 years ago!” -DEFINE instructor, Callie Anne Holland


“I have stayed healthy, energized and fit throughout my pregnancy! I love the way I feel after taking and teaching! I’ve had a lot of people tell me I have “that glow”, which I attribute to getting plenty of sleep and taking DEFINE classes.”-DEFINE instructor, Emily Lewis


“I was a confident, happy bride on my wedding day! Through the stress of the wedding planning process I always would find peace and focus at DEFINE. The combination of the REV and Body classes helped to make sure I looked my best on my wedding day. The DEFINE mind was there when I needed a little time to unwind and relax and get away. – DEFINE instructor, Kate Cromwell Griffin


“I’m a braver person now! DEFINE helps me try new things! I never would have para-sailed this year without building confidence through teaching class!– DEFINE instructor, Elizabeth Suffield Wilhite

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“After a lot of shaking, wobbling, and literately falling on my face a few times, I was finally able to master an arm balance! Last summer, I began incorporating a DEFINE yoga practice into my weekly fitness routine. Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone and really challenge yourself. Often times  you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve. .” -DEFINE instructor,  Alison Brookby



“I am now training for my first 1/2 Ironman! Working at DEFINE has inspired me to dream big.” -DEFINE instructor & manager, Kristin Frizzell


“I finished almost four minutes faster than my goal marathon time! I credit DEFINE revolution for my cross training, DEFINE body for my strength and DEFINE mind for  for injury prevention. I also felt so incredibly uplifted at miles four and seven in front of our studios as I saw my fellow instructors cheering us runners on.” -DEFINE instructor Jennifer Harkins




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